Sunday, January 19, 2014

A New Year, And New Changes.

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If I didn't see the many people who check this blog daily, I don't know if I would have had the strength to continue. You are appreciated.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 4 Master Cleanse/ Detox :Have You Tried Oil Pulling?

I realized that I have to try and get my thoughts together a little earlier in the day, seeing as though I am posting so late. It's a fact that in the first few days of a fast, or cleanse the brain is a little scattered, so much so I have to really concentrate on what i'm doing, as I really feel the need to purge my heart, and mind, as my body does the rest.

During this cleanse period I am adding a few things I have tried in the past, and somethings I have not. Depending on how my body reacts will dictate if the practice will be continued, or not. The first thing I will be doing is "Oil Pulling".

I have done oil pulling before, but never in conjunction with a cleanse, so I'm anxious to see how it will work. In the past I used olive oil, although most people do it with sesame oil. This time I will be doing it with Organic Virgin Coconut oil.

What? Virgin Coconut Oil liquified, or solidified. ( I like it as a liquid) Smells,and taste sooooo yummy.

When? In the morning upon waking before drinking anything.

How? Take 1-2 Tbsp and swish back and forth in mouth, through and around teeth the same way one would do mouth wash. Most start out swishing for one minute, and working their way up to 20 minutes over time as they get the hang of it.
*The oil is not to be swallowed at all. Once it is spat out, an old spoon, or tongue scrapper can be used to scrape the tongue.

Why? It is said to draw out toxins.

After the oil pulling I gargle with Sole pronounced (So-lay). Tomorrow I will also scrape my tongue before the gargle. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 2-3 Master Cleanse/ Detox : Sole (So-lay)

I find myself at times reading my holistic books like some people read "Fifty Shades of Grey"(mind you I may be the only woman on the planet who hasn't read it). Every time someone tries to tell me about it, I interject with a resounding "don't...I may read it one day". It's not because there's anything wrong with reading the book, or that i'm a prude, quite the contrary.  I just try to filter as much as possible what goes in, but who knows i'm sure one day i'll read it. Nature never ceases to amaze me though.

When deciding to do the cleanse this time around I wanted to add some other practices to see if it would aid in the detox process. So besides the Master Cleanse I decided to add, Sole to swish/gargle, and as a tonic, as well as detoxifying baths. After reading Water & Salt:: The Essence Of Life: The Healing Power of Nature by

Since the Master Cleanse calls for a sea salt water flush, I wanted to replace this step with the Sole. When I tried the sea salt flush during other cleanses It didn't work for me, so I just used the Smooth Move in the evening and morning, but now I just use the Sole in the morning.

Sole Pronounced (So-lay). Is Himalayan salt dissolved in water until it is fully saturated with salt.  I use it to help detoxify my body as well as for baths.
Making Sole: 

It is so simple. It requires only salt, and water
Glass jar
lid (non metal)
Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals (making a large jar? use 1-2 cups and fill jar 1/4 with salt)
Purified water

Sole: Place layer of salt in jar, and pour enough water to cover it. Allow to sit (I like to place in the window to absorbed the sun's rays). If salt is dissolved continue to add salt until salt no longer dissolves (there should always be salt resting at the bottom) this means the water is fully saturated. When you see crystals resting at the bottom the Sole is ready for use.
Continue to add more salt, and water to the jar, to always have a steady supply.

Sole Solution: Take 1 tsp, and dilute in 8oz of water and drink. I use a little to gargle after I Oil pull, and drink the rest.

What: Himalayan Pink Sea Salt concentrated in Spring, water. ( I used purified water)

When: In the morning upon waking on empty stomach. I use after Oil Pulling.

How: Drink Sole solution, or gargle.

Why: To detoxify the body, boost energy, receive the benefits of the minerals, and harness the energy from the salt.

*Note: Please continue to research the amazing benefits of Sole from the links above. I am not a medical practitioner and only do what is comfortable for my own body, but love to share the many things I try, or have worked for me.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Master Cleanse 2014: Making The Spicy Lemonade

I try to do the Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs at least once, or twice per year. Every January, or around my birthday is ideal, but during a change of seasons if I feel I need it. This time around I'm excited because my mind, body and heart is in a open place. Throughout the year I have had many revelations concerning my body especially as I get closer to 40, and realize I just cannot eat the things that I could when I was 20, when all I had to do was sneeze and the calories would be burned. Certain foods my body finds it hard to digest like gluten. After the cleanse I plan on introducing buckwheat at some point into my diet, to see if the reaction is the same or not.  So this cleanse like all the others is not done for weight loss, but just to help bring my body back into alignment.

Lemons (Organic) Room temperature
Cayenne Pepper
Maple Syrup *(Grade B)
Purified Water
Smooth Move laxative tea
Peppermint Tea
(2) 32 oz Container
Measuring cups, spoons, knife
Juicer (optional) Cold pressed is better.

When?: Drink 8-12 cups throughout the day, first drink should be consumed after morning Salt flush, or laxative tea drink.

Why? Cleanse and detox the body.

How? Master Cleanse
8oz Purified water
2 tbsp Maple syrup
2 tbsp Fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/10 Cayenne pepper (pinch)
*I use this standard recipe to make (2) 32oz's of the lemonade. I drink one throughout the morning, and the other throughout the evening.
Roll the room temperature lemons against counter/cutting board and palm of hand before squeezing the juice. If squeezing by hand strain to remove pulp and seeds.

** During the cleanse I use a natural toothpaste.
*** Rinse mouth with water after drinking the lemonade.
**** Drink different herbal teas throughout the day.
***** I am not a medical professional. This is solely what I do for myself.


Change Is ___________! Day 1 of Master Cleanse/Detox

As the year crawled to a close, the autumn leaves turned a mixture of crimson reds, burnt orange, and tawny brown falling silently to the ground just outside her bedroom window, she too began to shed in the final stages of her transformation. Realizing if there were no receptacles to hold it all, it must all be loosed.  She continued to empty suitcases of suffering, unfastening satchels of pain, and tearing open bags of resentments knowing the reward in the lesson. During this time the tears fell salty, and free, as her former self began to peel away allowing her to emerge healed, and whole once more.  Like always I rise again.

I began looking forward to a new, and promising lifecycle. I knew I was in a very special place that was open to change, and couldn't wait to start anew. For me 2013 was a period of waiting, and planning. It was also a time of discovery, as I learned my body could not process gluten something I should have learned as a child, but better late then never right? I also learned that after almost two years of not being in, or even considering being in a relationship that now that the work is done, It is o.k. to proceed (dating will be my first step).  I'm also looking forward to smiling, laughing, singing, writing, cooking and dancing like no one is watching. Change is beyond good, it's amazing, and freeing!

At least once of year since I was a teenager I would do a cleanse, or detox to bring my body back into alignment. There were times when I finished, I wouldn't treat my body well especially since I'm a sugar baby. As I get older, I realize some things just have to become a way of life, so I am doing a cleanse from January 3rd- January 21st. I wanted to do it for 21 days, but decided to let my body dictate how far it should go. Besides food, I have no other vices, I don't smoke, and consume alcohol less than rarely. This year alone I had a drink maybe three times. I do consume caffeine however, as I started drinking coffee, but other than that, i'm expecting my effects to be minimal. After my cleanse I will be juicing, and ending the cleansing period by going vegan. Depending on how my body responds will dictate if I continue on that path, or do what's best for me.

Follow along, and enjoy


Happy New Year!

Have you ever heard the saying, "laugh, dance, and sing like no one is watching"? Well that sentiment sums up how I feel about this blog. I have been keeping it for several years, never thinking anyone would want to read about my journey, but alas it has been an amazing experience. This year I plan to nurture this blog, and reacquaint myself with the reason I began it in the first place. My ultimate mission for this space is to continue to document my journey to a healthier lifestyle, and to revel in all the ups and downs along the way.  Happy spiritual, enlightening, loving, successful, and  fun 2014.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Roasted Herb Chicken with Green Apple & Onion.

I don't particularly like surprises, maybe because i'm not as spontaneous as I would like to be. I'm sort of an outline sort of gal, everything I do is planned. Maybe it's that I love to figure out a good puzzle, riddle, or plan, since the more secretive something is, the more I want to know more. Another reason I hate surprises is that I often feel i'm unable to be surprised. This stems from my feeling that people have patterns, and those patterns are oftentimes predictable. I'm no longer surprised by the actions of others, and the longer i'm in someones presence, the more I tend to know what they will do, even before they do it. Jaded?....Much.  The funny thing is, I love to surprise others. 

This dinner was prepared for a very special person, simple, and easy to prepare. I stuffed the bird with granny smith apples and onions. Sweet, tart and tangy. I served it with brown rice, and black beans which I added crushed tomatoes, and corn.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

8 Ingredients In Food You Should Avoid  had an interesting article about 8 ingredients you don't want to see on your food label. Look up the names, do the research and stay informed.

8. BHA: A preservative

7. Parabens : A synthetic preservative

6. Partial Hydrogenated oils : trans fat,  although who knew the government allows companies to claim 0% if it contains less than 1/2 gram per serving.

5. Sodium Nitrate : prevents meats from going bad found in most hot dogs.

4. Caramel Coloring: not the stuff you made on the stove, but the kind that companies treat with ammonia found in many soft softdrinks.

3. Castoreum: food flavoring, think MSG

2. Food Dyes: all the colors found in many foods.

1. Hydrolyzed wheat protein: flavor enhancer, found in noodles, dips and some chips.

And of course I always say High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gluten Free: Spicy Southern Chicken & Dumpling

It was such a chilly day yesterday, and there is nothing like comfort food to warm things up a bit. Before going gluten free, I would eat chicken & dumplings, and although it was delicious there was always the effects I had to deal with after eating it. So, it's really nice to know I can still achieve the taste, without the gluten. 

The best part about this recipe is, I was able to use the leftover chicken I froze from the Organic Lemon, Brown Sugar and Herb Chicken. There wasn't much meat left, but the bones added flavor, which produced a great chicken stock mixed with the vegetable, and drippings. 

Also the dumplings can be left out, and the chicken soup this will produce will be amazing. It's how I make the cold/flu soup for my son when he's not feeling well, which is rare. But, when he does get a cold this soup knocks it out of him. The first night we ate it as soup, and yesterday I added dumplings, and the thicker texture left me full after one bowl.

6 cups water
4 organic chicken breast cubed
2 cups organic celery diced
1 cup organic red onion diced
2 cups organic carrots diced
2 cups organic peas
1 cup organic corn
2 lemons sliced thinly (or if using the leftover chicken, it's not needed as it will be included with the frozen chicken)
1 cup Wild rice
1 cup tomato paste
2 tbsp each, parsley, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper *salt

1. Cook chicken in stock pot, with a little olive oil, onions, and half of seasoning.
2. Add water and remaining leftover chicken on the bone to pot.
3. Add sliced lemons, tomato paste, celery, onion, carrot, rice and remaining seasonings
4. Bring everything to a boil, cover and turn down to a simmer.
add peas last and allow to heat in the pot, before serving  keep green color.

1 cup bisquick gluten free or any gluten free flour
1/2 organic milk or water ( keep adding more as needed
1 tsp parsley
*salt to taste
1tbsp coconut oil (I used virgin, which added a flavor to the stew)

Mix until all ingredients are incorporated
check to see if rice is cooked in stew and began to drop several teaspoons of dough into pot, and close lid immediately after doing so. Dumplings need to steam, not boil. They will sink to bottom of pot, but will rise when done. Adding the dumplings will thicken the consistency of the stock.


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Gluten Free Chicken & Vegetable Penne Parmesan

Before completely removing gluten from my diet, pasta was only eaten on special occasions. Lasagna, and chicken parmesan was only eaten twice a year, if that. Spaghetti maybe 3-4 times throughout the year. Macaroni & cheese, and pasta salad were eaten more often, probably 2-3 times per month. Because my son isn't eating gluten anymore as well, he gets really excited when he sees pasta dishes. Many times, he admits to not tasting a difference, and slowly, but surely he doesn't ask for the wheat products anymore.

The one thing I loved was bread crumbs, and Udi's gluten free bread worked beautifully. Look at the crumb topping on top.

Fried chicken Breast ---Recipe

Any gluten free Penne pasta (I used organic brown rice penne)
Boil water and prepare pasta as directed ( do not overcook)

4 organic tomatoes on the vine
2 organic zucchinis 
1 organic red onion
1/2 organic shallot
1/2 organic red, yellow & orange pepper
1-25oz organic mushroom tomato sauce
chopped all vegetables an in pan sautee red onions, shallot and peppers for 5mins, add zucchini, tomatoes and sauce and simmer for 5 minutes.

Shred 8oz mozzarella cheese and set aside.

Bread Crumbs
4 slices of gluten free bread ( I used Udi's)
1-2 tbsp olive oil
1tbsp Italian seasoning
1tbsp parmesan cheese
cut bread into small pieces, add olive oil, seasoning, and cheese. add to top of casserole

Bake for 15-20 mins on 350 until all cheese is melted.